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Ellevens Esports

Gareth Bale Team Branding

AoE Creative was approached in 2019 by soccer star Gareth Bale's team to assist in the brand development of his new esports project. As the world-class athlete's signature presence in the digital space, the E11evens esports organization acts as an aspirational force in the community, encouraging the next generation of gaming fans to chase after the numbers on the back of the team's jerseys

In contrast to the other esports teams in the space, the unification of Bale's real-world athletic accomplishments and his digital ventures synergizes as a premium identity, and the basis of a leading gaming entertainment and media network.


With dynamic brushstrokes as the foundational aesthetic, signifying flow and movement, AoE creative was tasked with creating a unique look and exclusive brand voice for Gareth Bale's esports organization E11evens

E11 Design

Project Scope

  • Marketing
  • Brand Research and Development
  • Style Guide and Creative Devlopment
  • Voice and Tone
  • Brand Theme and Goals
  • Color Scheme
  • 2D Animation
  • Logo Usage and Spacing

Dual Usage Graphics

As part of the brand emphasis on both community and aspirational luxury. E11evens was created to have a dual thematic approach. The general white-dominated aesthetic is bright and welcoming, and to be utilized with all community-focused material and content. As with the color, content made under this aesthetic is high visibility, and will be the initial touchpoint for the wider audience.

The darker theme evokes jeweler's velveted, tinted windows, and aspirational luxury in general. The focus is on elite quality and exclusivity, and the distinct privilege of those who have earned championships the hard way.

E11 light Design E11 dark Design


Merchandise development was conduscted in collaboration alongside E11evens and Gareth Bale. Our development line was split between everyday lifestyle wear and premium status-based fashion, focused around jersey design and related apparel

E11 Merchandise E11 Merchandise

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