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Nerd Street Gamers

Welcome to the Block

Since 2014, Nerd Street Gamers has experienced tremendous success and growth, carving out a critical role in the esports ecosystem with their infrastructural developments and array of child companies.

By the summer of 2019, it was clear that they needed a brand image that reflected the journey they’ve undertaken - one that matched the prestige they and their subsidiary organizations have worked so hard to attain.

in stepped AOE Creative.


Redesign NSG's logo and aesthetic standards to reflect the company's evolution.

Project Scope

  • Marketing
  • Creation of Comprehensive Style Guide
  • Website Design
  • Presentation Decks
  • Creative Templates
  • Web Strategy
FCFL Design
NSG Merchandise

The singular N of the Nerd Block Logo represents more than just the “Nerd” part of “Nerd Street.” By taking on the top-down iconography of a city block, it represents the essence of a city block - the communities and values of a neighborhood, housing the multitudinous companies within the Nerd Street ecosystem, with the divide in the bottom right representing a street cutting through the corner of the block.

As with any city or town block, power is vital to daily living and operations. The Nerd Block’s lightning bolt represents that vital power and heart, powering the subsidiaries withing the NSG infrastructure. Secondarily, it also represents a power-up iconic to gamers across all genres, re-centering it to the core gaming and nerd culture the brand services.

A clear brand identity is crucial to the growth of any business, defining the perception and gut reactions to a product, service, experience, or organization. Nerd Street Gamers provides all infrastructure needed for up-and-coming gamers to grow and prosper within the industry, and it was our privilege to help that build that story through branding. We have nothing but high praise and expectations for the future of NSG.

FCFL Design

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