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The AoE Creative team was tasked in late 2018 to update the branding for OpTic Gaming. As the most iconic esports organization in North America, we were proud to bring new life to a name near and dear to the hearts of over five million fans worldwide.


Refresh and reactivate one of the world's largest gaming brands.


Increasing fan engagement meant tracing the brand back to the roots of what made them a beloved success in the first place. A clear social strategy was installed, targeting Instagram and other social media outlets that the organization had previously underdeveloped, driving up fan interaction to a new level. Furthermore, the memorable beats of the “Power, Precision, Prestige” campaign, intertwined with a developed Spec Ops aesthetic, emphasized the organization’s gaming heritage.

Power.Precision.Prestige Power.Precision.Prestige
OpTic Gaming OpTic Gaming

Project Scope

  • Style Guide and Brand Definition
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Merchandise Design
  • Social Marketing Strategy
  • Instagram Posting Education and Strategy
  • Motion Graphics
  • Media Content Ideation and Execution
  • Partnerships Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Event activation
  • VR/AR application
  • App creation and ideation
  • Website design
OpTic Gaming Teams OpTic Gaming Teams

Spec Ops Activation

Most activations in the Call of Duty space are very utility driven. We took the opposite route and created a full experience for fans to enjoy at Call Of Duty Championship in Ohio.

The goal was to make fans feel like high tech special operatives tasked with the challenge of solving a 4 digit code to unlock a case filled with $2K worth of sponsored items.

We invited Sansar to demonstrate the worlds first esports team VR hangout to the fans

Scavenger Hunt

Fans had to look high and low for any clues to discover the the sequence. These included everything from searching the activation space, social media, checking the source code on a website, to finding the secret point of contact on site.

OpTic Gaming Activiation OpTic Gaming Activiation


In collaboration with Sector Six and Third Label, we creating a variety of merchandise options from jerseys to lifestyle-oriented gear.

OpTic Gaming Merchandise OpTic Gaming Merchandise

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