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At AOE Creative, we are experts at leveraging creative design and marketing to help forge our clients for relationships with the modern digital audience. We aim to seamlessly integrate with your team and practices to ensure rapid and smooth communication.

Featured Clients
SunSpear Games

A revival of the well-respected Real-Time Strategy genre needs a brand presence to match the intentions of its developer. AOE Creative works with new studio Sunspear Games to set the foundation of their ambitions.


2021 represents a new era for LEGO Games, with AoE Creative providing the branding and marketing revamp to reflect that. Our collaboration included a modernized logo and outreach strategy to better attract a new generation of LEGO gamers.

Activision Blizzard

The partnership between AOE Creative and Activision-Blizzard is rock solid, represented by a multi-year assistance in industry-leading digital design and live social media coverage. Both Call of Duty and Overwatch esports are under the purview of this collaboration.

What we do

Our works in digital and physical design strike hard and true, leaving a tangible impact with the audiences you pursue. We do so with a purposeful approach, integrating our work into the lives of the people and businesses we connect with.

Our Capabilities
  • Brand Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Media Content
  • Strategy
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