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AoE Creative has a background and reach in gaming and esports unparalleled by any other creative agency. Our origin story is amid the initial spark of the competitive gaming explosion – with experts from top publishers and the most elite esports teams and companies. We draw upon years of experience of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

AoE harnesses the most up-to-date data to build game-changing, thought-provoking, unique campaigns and brands that stand the test of time – and know better than most what it takes to disrupt the status quo. We aim to champion diversity at every turn, providing entertainment and access to historically underrepresented groups in our work, with our consultations, and within our own employee portfolio.

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    Brand Development

    We have created and refreshed multiple world leading brands. Brand concepts are not in short supply for our team. The creation of a brand is far more complex than most imagine. We are able to take our clients through a clear and enjoyable brand creation experience leading to a truly personalised brand that has a look, feel, style and voice that resonates with the target audience to set them apart from the pack.

    • Brand Language

    • Packaging

    • Social & Web Graphics

    • Merchandising

    • Web/App Design

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    Creative Design

    As a creative agency, our core passions are for the beautiful, the exciting, and the thought-provoking. Our talented team pours their hearts and souls to projects of every size, from motion graphics to illustrations.

    • Graphic Design

    • Motion Graphics

    • Stream Overlays

    • Production Visuals

    • Illustration

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    The much-desired Gen Y/Z gamer or nerd-culture demographic is a veritable minefield for the unprepared. We, on the other hand, are native guides. Our passionate and nerdy team of young and old-school marketers synergize perfectly, allowing us to support clients in the creation of effective and exciting campaigns.

    • Campaign Creation & Execution

    • Digital Marketing & Optimization

    • Event Marketing & Promotion

    • Community Activation

    • Influencer Marketing

    • Social Media

    • Meme Creation

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    Short-form social media content is the new king, and we are the experts of its domain. It helps, too, that creating short-form video content is some of the most fun you can have in the industry, and greatly enjoyed by the communities it’s aimed at. We work with some of the industry’s most talented editors, videographers, and photographers to create the funniest, coolest, and sometimes dumbest media you will ever see.

    • Viral Videos

    • Creative Advertisments

    • Video Content Strategy

    • Photography

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    Disruptive Strategy

    With AoE Creative’s current projects in virtual reality, augmented reality, and voice applications, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of new technologies and enhancing the marketing experience. Our clients’ projects set new standards and expectations in what is already a cutthroat industry.

    • Outside The Box Ideation

    • VR Strategies

    • AR Application

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    AoE Creative represents a combined 60 years of experience in the gaming and tech industry, and that experience is leveraged directly to the clients’ favor. Rather than a mere once-a-week phone call, we mix subject matter expertise consultation into every aspect of our collaboration, proactively reporting and suggesting solutions to the benefit of our clientele. We are not afraid of giving or receiving the hard truth.

    • Branding

    • Esports

    • Media Rights

    • Video Strategy

    • Community Activations

    • Game Releases

    • Content Creators

    • Diversity & Inclusion

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