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Boston Breach

Into The Breach


  • Brand Strategy & Architecture
  • Merchandise & Apparel
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Style Guides
  • Logo & ID Systems
  • Promotion Material
  • Graphic Design
  • Prop Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Event Marketing & Promotion

Our long time clients Activision Blizzard introduced us to the Oxygen Esports management to assist with building a new brand for the COD League.
With the city of Boston as its market, the Boston Breach required branding that reflected the local culture, while also standing out in an environment with well established rival organizations.


With streetwise technology and disruptive hacker culture at its aesthetic core, Breach’s branding was designed to appeal to the rebellious Boston spirit, and pose a challenge to established standards. The ultimate aim is to AT LEAST be everybody’s second favorite team, expressing an energy and attitude that COD fans can get behind.


Boston Breach is the latest franchised addition to the Call of Duty League, representing the storied city in competitive play.
With a modernized revolutionary aesthetic, Boston Breach’s branding focuses on street culture and disruptive tech and hacker influences.


The Breach conjures images of takeovers, destruction and domination. The team that stops at nothing to overwhelm an enemy’s defenses. The bigger the walls the more spectacular it is when they come crumbling down.
This brand name illustrates how this team is coming into a space where the kings are all in their castles. But even as the underdog, the Breach is here to take them down one by one. As one unit, the players and community act as a ram to break down any defense.

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