Client Case Study


Pulling A 180 On Design


  • 3D Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Discovery & Research
  • Promotion Material


The unique aspect of this project was creating a high-quality marketing key art piece for Session: Skate Sim without direct access to the game's dev engine. This condition required us to screenshot poses and scenery directly from the game, aiming to produce a final artwork that not only resembled the in-game visuals but also elevated them to a near-realistic level.


Leveraging the extracted screenshots as a foundational base, we employed extensive photomanipulation, texture enhancement techniques, and 3D Modeling to upgrade the assets to a more realistic level. This method effectively mirrored and enriched the game’s aesthetic, fulfilling the objective of creating a high-quality marketing key art piece, while adeptly navigating the project's technical constraints.

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