Client Case Study

The Story Mob

Mobsters need a hand


  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Design

Mastering storytelling as an esports public relations agency takes two forms. First, you become accomplished in speaking the endemic language – of nerds, of enthusiasts, of teams and tournament organizers, demonstrating fluency in their passion and culture. Second, and much harder, is translating that to the broader market.

The Story Mob has long been leaders in setting the tone and approach of ongoing esports conversations. Now, especially as they draw in non-endemic clients, a facelift was needed to reflect the world-class industry standard-setting services associated with their name. AOE Creative was tasked in the implementation of a new website look and feel to bring The Story Mob to its next chapter.

Voice & Tone

Copy and language throughout The Story Mob’s website was revamped, reinforcing their role as storytellers and narrative experts in the live event and gaming industry. Tone, in particular, was adjusted to reflect the premium nature of their services, and in particular the cross-cultural nature of their work.

Creative exercises were conducted with The Story Mob executives to ensure adherence to company vision and principles. The website was further audited for both visual and copy elements to ensure accountable development and implementation.

Graphical Design & Implementation

Development of a visual design and assets for the website and to complement the company’s social media presence. All assets, social or otherwise, utilize the website’s graphic design as its foundation, for the sake of a coherent brand presence.

Deck Design

Along with website graphic design, a universal deck template was created for The Story Mob. The deck template, using Powerpoint as its software basis, is to be used for all communications with clients and partners, making for a distinctive and memorable impact.

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