Client Case Study

Voyagers of Nera


  • Web Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Marketing & Optimization
  • 3D Design
  • Brand Adaptation


Treehouse Games approached AOE Creative to design and develop a fully fledged hype-site for their upcoming game; Voyagers of Nera. VoN for short, is a cooperative survival-crafting game set in a vibrant ocean world brimming with lush islands, magical creatures and ancient mysteries. The site informs newcomers on the core foundational aspects of the game as well as introducing them to the brands look and feel.


Adapting, and also expanding upon, Voyagers of Nera's brand profile and identity, we worked alongside Treehouses creative team to develop and launch the hype-site. AOE began work with a preliminary social campaign to get the community buzzing with interest. Working with limited visual assets, due to the early development stage of the game, AOE stepped into the gap and filled this void with creative asset generation that worked seamlessly with Treehouses existing brand and visual assets.

Web Design

The bulk of the work we did for Treehouse Games went into the design and development of the hype-site. We worked closely with their team to provide them a site which beautifully introduced Voyagers of Nera to newcomers.

Mobile Design

Although we aimed for visual fidelity and a unique design, we made sure plan ahead and provide a site that would function seamlessly while in a condensed mobile format.

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