Client Case Study

Boston Breach Season 2

Into The Breach


  • Rebranding & Realignment
  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design

The Boston Breach was founded under the Oxygen Esports organization for the Call of Duty League at the start of the 2022 season after Oxygen was recommended to us by Activision Blizzard based on our work history together - we’ve run the Call of Duty League and Overwatch League social media marketing and design for three years at the time of their recommendation. We worked under short deadlines and long hours to develop the Boston Breach brand and the team’s first season was a massive success.

The team paced on social media growth and sentiment to match the biggest teams in the Call of Duty League, such as OpTic and FaZe, during its first year as we continued to provide our design and marketing efforts for Breach. But, success does not stop there. We wanted to match the energy and enthusiasm of our first year with the team, and opted to refresh the brand visually and engage the Boston Breach community at a higher level. From the underground, more grungy, hacker look and feel, we adapted the brand to become more welcoming while retaining a striking aesthetic. To accomplish this we chose to sharpen the contrast between our colors and create a little more variation between social designs.

Every design and image aims to draw impact and attention from the viewer. We want to vary ourselves from the norm and be unique in the way we are presented on any person’s social feed.

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