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Riot Games



  • Web Design Systems
  • Discovery & Research
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Wireframe
  • Brand Adaptation
  • AR Filter Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Riot Games is one of the top game development companies in the world. They were originally best known for their multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) League of Legends, though they have expanded heavily outside that single title. Since their success in the MOBA market, they’ve developed and released a tactical FPS title, Valorant, and are currently developing a new fighting game, with a working title, Project L using the lore and characters from League of Legends. On top of their video game titles, Riot Games also maintains two of the leading esports leagues through League of Legends and Valorant. This is where we came in.

Riot LEC Website

League of Legends’ European region, the EMEA, expanded to include Türki̇ye, CIS and MENA in addition to the original set of countries. The merged grouping would drive further competition between teams and bring fans together across multiple continents, branded as the EMEA Masters. AOE Creative’s task was to not only relay the merge through a Riot branded informational hype-site, but to engage the audience in fun and informative ways. To accomplish this, we developed the EMEA website from the ground up, designed and developed two augmented reality filters for use on social media. The final portion was an interactive map that describes the teams within the region, their history, and the major tournaments that exist throughout the EMEA.

With Riot Games already possessing strong branding for League of Legends and their esports scene, designing the functionality of the website became much more important. From solid wire framing to focused user journeys, fans can interact and find every piece of content and information easily. After confirming the UI/UX designs with the Riot team, we moved onto designing and developing the interactive map for the region. Rather than opting for a simple map overlay, we chose a stronger, cleaner, more modern design for the EMEA region. The map itself was kept darker overall with highlight colors to create stronger contrast between the interactive portions and the static portions. The readability and usage of the map remains clear with the information ‘hidden’ under the pings set throughout. Fans can click into each ping to get all the content they want from each set

Riot LEC AR Filter

The other portion of our project with Riot was the augmented reality filters - the Test Your Knowledge quiz filter and the EMEA Dream Team filter. We managed to find clean solutions to solve each step, finding the perfect interactive layouts that were easiest to utilize and found creative solutions to large quantities of high quality images on the same filter.

The first filter is a quiz in which players tilt their head toward the answer they believe is correct. The second filter was a fan-favorite fantasy team filter. For this, fans pick players of their choice within the LEC and create their ‘dream team,’ to fill the slot of the five roles within League of Legends; after which, the fans can share their dream team with their friends or anyone.

Overall, the project was a success for both AOE Creative and Riot Games, and we look forward to our next creative efforts together! You can find out more about our work at AOE Creative here.

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